The Crater is an underground ferry terminal and transit hub - connecting the commercial and retail activity of the Lower East Side to the greater urban infrastructure systems. It serves multiple transit modes, performs as a public space and creates income for the city and adjacent building owners.
Tumblr M48aa7fqrw1qgxgbgo2 500Ferry terminal rendering

Tumblr M48aa7fqrw1qgxgbgo4 500The Crater can also house multiple retail and commercial functions

Benjamin Brichta 03Benjamin Brichta 04Benjamin Brichta 05Benjamin Brichta 06Benjamin Brichta 07Benjamin Brichta 08Benjamin Brichta 09Benjamin Brichta 10A series of diagrams depicting the design process

Tumblr M48aa7fqrw1qgxgbgo5 500Design assembly diagram