Mobile Suburbia

Aaron Berman
Suspended backyard platforms attached to apartment windows produce a suburban sense of expanded space in the dense urban environment.
Mobile Suburbia is a means to bring suburban amenities to the urban city dwellers. Backyard platforms can be ordered, customized and delivered to city residents and installed on masonry facades. Various options include "The Man Cave", "Dog Backyard" and "Hot Tub Deck".

Aaron Berman 02Transplanting the suburban backyard to New York City

Aaron Berman 03Installation of prefabricated units

Aaron Berman 04Backyard platform section

Aaron Berman 05Use options

Potential clients can visit the Mobile Suburbia dealership where they can try out various models and configurations. The dealership features a giant ferris wheel of yards that rotate in order to provide equal distribution of light over the course of the day and then they proceed to be dunked into a nutrient rich bath. The public is allowed to interface and rent out the various yards on the ferris wheel as well purchase their own private yards to be installed onto an apartment facade.

Aaron Berman 07Viewing pods

Aaron Berman 08Element diagram

Aaron Berman 09
Aaron Berman 10Dealership building elevations

Aaron Berman 11Facade closeup

Aaron Berman 12Pod interior rendering

Aaron Berman 13