Water SpArrows

Mitch Bush
Water SpArrows is a radical proposal for bombing the Hudson with leisure platforms. Once the fallen arrow has gathered enough energy, air is purged from the arrowhead and the inversion turns the bomb into an island!
Mitchell Bush 04The arrows are parachuted down onto the river, becoming floating leisure parks

What if the rivers surrounding Manhattan could be used as potential public space? Water SpArrows turns the Hudson River into a recreational park by bombing it with arrows. These arrows are in fact leisure platforms that function as spaces for recreational water sports or just lounging around. The glowing air ballasts, or "arrowheads", will make them an instantly recognizable symbol on the waterfront and attract city-dwellers.

Mitchell Bush 06Section showing the release of the arrow

Mitchell Bush 07Typical plan

Mitchell Bush 02Axonometric showing the components and construction of the arrowss