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Student Projects – Experiments In Motion


Underground ecology

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Beneath Manhattan lies an existing subterranean urban ecology of waterways and potential spaces for plant life to grow and thrive. gang(GREEN) is an underground park that feeds into this network, spreading green throughout the city from below, erupting at moments to contaminate the grid and infect the island and its infrastructure, thus regaining the balance between nature and architecture.

Beyond the Street

Rethinking buildable space

As the city grows, land values increase, often resulting in urban sprawl. Rethinking the street as potential buildable space allows the traditional urban fabric to be redirected. Just as Rem Koolhaas argued that the invention of the elevator allowed urban space to exist on a new vertical axis, so too can a reconception of the street allow for mobility in multiple axes.


Guerrilla pop ups

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Forefront mobilizes the Storefront for Art and Architecture as a guerrilla pop up exhibit facilitator, broadening the reach of Storefront and engaging new audiences outside the common design community. 

Condensation City

Reconfiguring movement

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Assuming the predicted growth of the population in Manhattan, buildings are conceived as densely packed volumes that accentuate free space. While the built environment has an integrated system of circulation, open space becomes a field of non-linear experiences and unconstrained movement.

Sky Cave

A place for reflection hidden below the city streets

Descent into a secret landscape of both active and forgotten infrastructure exposes visitors to the organs of a living, breathing city. Motion is abstracted and revealed at key moments punctuated by intrusions of light, sound, and touch.

Mobile Suburbia

Balcony as backyard

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Suspended backyard platforms attached to apartment windows produce a suburban sense of expanded space in the dense urban environment.

Street Life

Integrated Mobility

If technology evolves to allow for interior personal vehicles, urban mobility can exist within the building itself. The new interior vehicular system will move both horizontally and vertically, dissolving the "convenience" of the grid and creating neighborhoods within neighborhoods.

Water SpArrows

Leisure Islands on the river

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Water SpArrows is a radical proposal for bombing the Hudson with leisure platforms. Once the fallen arrow has gathered enough energy, air is purged from the arrowhead and the inversion turns the bomb into an island!

Articulating the Alleyway

Blurring Boundaries

Articulating the Alleyway explores the potential of hyper-density to provide new ways of moving through the city and through buildings. Inspired by the vibrancy of New York City's active street life, the project creates an urban scaled architecture where the street, sidewalks, and alleyways carve into the building itself. These paths allow for a new kind of movement through the city and provide new kinds of spaces that blur conventional notions of the separation between buildings and the street.

Tourist Trap

Creating different flows for locals and tourists

At the Tourist Trap, the most efficient path through the site is not necessarily the shortest route. Motion sensing LED lights are embedded within the ground, tracing the fast pace of local New Yorkers. The ghost path left behind remains long enough to aid passengers from the next train who wish to avoid the hordes of tourists who have come to watch the performers.


Reintroduce nature into the city

By capitalizing on the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which created guidelines for the introduction of unmanned aircraft, a system of drones can be deployed throughout New York City, spreading seeds to bridge the ecological gaps within the urban fabric. Better able to mitigate the urban context, the drones will do what natural processes could not, re-introducing plant-life to the city and aiding in sustainability.

The Adaptive Grid

Urban Topography

Manhattan undergoes a constant cycle of excavation, construction, and infill. This project explores the potential of overlaying a new topographic system under the existing street grid. With the introduction of this complex terrain, more advanced modes of transportation are made possible with the advent of smarter mobility systems.

Block Party

pop up event spaces

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In a city as dense as New York, space is hard to come by. Block Party looks to maximize space and usage by hybridizing infrastructure and building. During rush hour the building stays compacted under the street, but expands to double the size during off hours. By taking over the street, Block Party creates a new landscape that responses to traffic patterns and gives locals ownership of infrastructure.

Photosynthetic Grass Printer

Print lawns not asphalt

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The Photosynthetic Grass Printer is an autonomous chemical factory that supplements the struggling urban eco-system. It collects refuse and environmental pollutants as it moves throughout the city, converting them into photosynthetic grass to pump new life into the city by way of oxygen and public space.

Get Lost

Space as Media Interface

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Get Lost is an ever-changing public space takes on "Planned Spontaneity" as a strategy for creating new urban public experiences. It provides the infrastructure to stimulate and host pop-up programs, spontaneous usages and transient activities in the post-Web 2.5 city.

The Cocoon

Structure as neighborhood rehabilitation

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Rising unemployment and a volatile economy have contributed to a growing class of citizens who are unable to entire the work force in its current format. By incorporating training, living, and working spaces into a custom scaffolding system, the Cocoon activates emerging communities. Moving through the city much like moths and their nests move through a forest, this project proposes to super charge the regeneration of communities by providing new opportunities.

The Crater

Connection between Public and Private

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The Crater is an underground ferry terminal and transit hub - connecting the commercial and retail activity of the Lower East Side to the greater urban infrastructure systems. It serves multiple transit modes, performs as a public space and creates income for the city and adjacent building owners.