M. Casey Rehm

Principal, Studio Kinch
In 2011 M. Casey Rehm opened his studio, Kinch as a vehicle to explore the potentials of non-linear systems in architecture, motion graphics, and interactive environments. Prior to opening Kinch, Casey Rehm was Senior Designer/ Project Captain for Kokugia, having a primary role in several award winning projects.

Mr. Rehm's work has been exhibited at the Beijing Biennale and at the Swarm Intelligence Shanghai exhibition int 2010 and published in the corresponding catalogs. Additionally his writing will be featured in the upcoming Fresh Punches by University of Kentucky School of Architecture and Swarm Intelligence by Neil Leach and Roland Snooks. For the past three years he has also provided content and research as a special generative design consultant for Cecil Balmond for an upcoming book on morpho-genetic design and numerical algorithms.

M. Casey Rehm holds a Masters of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Bachelors of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently he is an Adjunct Faculty member at RPI, acting as studio instructor and digital coordinator.
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