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I'm a post-grad student currently enrolled at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture (GSAPP; MSAAD). My prior education in architecture is from YSUAC from which I've graduated with the Professional Diploma in Architecture in 2009 (B.Arch equivalent). By then I've done an internship in architectural design studio in Yerevan and worked for a construction company as a project manager. Following two years after the graduation I've freelanced/practiced architecture in Yerevan, Armenia "Interior designs" and have done independent research studies at the same University as well as worked for another construction and real-estate developing company.
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Hilarious New York

Loop of interplay between light and dark infulencing the percept, results in mobility of an architectural program

The content of an urban environment within the neighborhood next to Delancey underground is higly diverse. Programms inhabitting that spaces may vary from brothel to school, therefore collective actions taking place in that neighborhood could be defined as normal at the mean time as completely inadequate in terms of  being socially acceptable. These diversities packed within that neighborhood continuously trigger events happening independently from grid. The Continuum of collective acts happening over the time resembles a brownian motion; an oscillatory movement of particles of a system. The latter is also a physical specificity of the site; the oscillation caused by the traffic and by the subway encloses the site. Actually and metaphorically could be stated that the act of oscillatory motion is an accumulator of an energy. Taking into account big and small scale variables within the site the project is also designed to be an abstract embodyment of the naighborhood’s  past and the present. The space-creating variables of this design are two continuous surfaces, with different treatments, serving as two opposite percepts based on the lighting conditions. The characteristics of the spaces created by those surfaces changes based on the lighting conditions and fits opposing programs during the time. Two parametrically designed surfaces overlapping with each other create variety of cave-like spaces to fit the diversity of events and program-contents that the neighborhood offers. 


Input of the oscillatory motion to the body of city block.