George Dolidze

George Dolidze graduating with Masters of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. Following graduation he has continued work on the Audi Urban Initiative. Currently he is a designer at Therrien-Barley working on the Experiments in Motion installation. He also is a major contributor to the Experiments in Motion Blog as well as Japanese Inters; a blog about obsessive architecture.

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Photosynthetic Grass Printer by George Dolidze

As part of Columbia GSAPP’s City of Mobile Services studio, George Dolidze designed a machine which is fully integrated into the urban ecosystem. The Photosynthetic Grass Printer is an autonomous chemical factory that supplements the struggling urban eco-system. It collects refuse and environmental pollutants as it moves throughout the city, converting them into photosynthetic grass to pump new life into the city by way of oxygen and public space.


Module Deployment and Assembly 


For an architect; there is nothing is more rewarding then fabricating a design. 


Frame Assembly 


Expansion Rod Study. Proof of consent from flat pack to full expansion. 6x 2to4 3x4to7. Heavy Duty

Going to the spandex store tomorrow to find a fabric that will provide durability and flexibility for the panels to be fully functional. 


Transformer Base Rig


Drawer “Type” Scheme


Aggregation Scheme


Obscure will scheme “The Problemetizer” 4 light weight modular panels create a spaced for reconfigurability and rapid assembly. The reflective walls become a hindrance and opportunity for curating in a critical and interesting way.


Our color pallet