Kett Murphy

Kett Murphy is a dual degree M.Arch and M.S. Preservation student at GSAPP (2008-2012). She received her B.A. in anthropology at the University of Chicago. After graduating she worked as a mariner on the eastern seaboard and as an academic translator in Paris. At GSAPP she has been involved in a number of projects including working as editorial staff for the journal Future Anterior as well as contributing to a documentation report about traditional buildings in Rio de Janeiro. She has worked in London on the redevelopment of the Battersea Power Station site. She plays pool on an amateur league which she thinks basically makes her an athlete.

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“A ticket, officer?! But we’re hurtling through the void!”

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The average New York City supermarket is 15,000 square feet. The average train car is 750 square feet. This gif shows how many trains it would take to equal the square footage of a superrmarket.


I have made an animation of the volume of daily long-haul truck traffic on the national highway system. The data is from the Urban Design Lab at the Earth Institute’s report on Regionalizing the Food System.