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Maria Rizzolo is a third-year Master of Architecture student at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) and a 2007 graduate of Yale University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a concentration in Urban Studies. In spring 2006, Maria attending the Architectural Design study abroad program at Denmark International Studies Program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Throughout her academic career, Maria has taken a particular interest in the urban experience, and sought to learn as much outside of the classroom as within.

Prior to attending GSAPP, Maria worked for two years in Marketing/Business Development at Polshek Partnership Architects (now Ennead Architects), where she has worked the past two summers as both a Marketing/Graphics and an Architectural Intern. At GSAPP, Maria served as an Architectural Drawing and Representation Teaching Assistant, and has been involved in Career Services since 2010; currently serving as the Career Services Coordinator.
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mobile hospice


it’s been awhile, and final review is fast approaching. final images and thoughts to come, but in the meantime, here are some attempts at gifs representing my mobile hospice project. this unique take on hospice care is intended to smooth rough physical transitions for the patient as they receive homecare and transfer to/from inpatient care for periodic treatments. these simple gifs illustrate how the mobile unit expands the apartment, takes on physical elements of the patients’ apartment, and unfolds into the inpatient care unit.


Holi! I spent Holi with my friend Simon and his friends/coworkers at a girls orphanage near Dharavi. Words can’t really describe how amazing the experience was, so here are some photos - for now they are mostly of me, since Simon took them, but I’ll have more once I develop the disposable cameras…yes, that’s what I said.


More highlights…


Some highlights from India…


Chasing Dabbawalas


One of my favorite mobile services that we passed on the roads between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur was the mobile band. The comically large horns really get me.


I will soon be posting some examples of mobile services in Mumbai, but first wanted to preface the post with some thoughts. For one, mobility in India seems so pervasive that it’s not at all a conscious effort, but rather a natural response to the environment. Secondly, the pervasiveness of the mobile services creates this sense of flexibility, temporality, or even freedom. Sometimes, I felt as if all of Mumbai could just up and disappear overnight - packed onto the many trucks, or folded up with the collapsing tables. Indeed, the markets DO, but somehow when you wake up in the morning, they are all there again. So take a look at some examples, but realize that it’s a very limited sampling…


Mobile hair accessory shop on the train in Mumbai