Ivy Chan

Hi my name is Ivy Chan and I'm from New York originally. I did my undergrad in architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design, and I am currently in the third year of the M.Arch program at GSAPP.
What interests me most about architecture is the details, materiality, the human experience, and the design is driven by the site and context of which it is placed. I love cooking, photography, and I live by the quote "always do what you are afraid to.

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a follow up on the artist installation I posted on here earlier. Phone booths in NYC will now be retrofitted with 32” information kiosks, and some will even have WIFI! 


mobile services from my trip to mumbai!


1.  First Veolia AQUAMOVE Ultrafiltration Mobile Unit in Europe: first mobile unit in Europe for industrial water treatment. used in place for emergency or planned interventions to ensure production of purified water, because of the lower levels of groundwater, allowing for the use of surface waters for purification


2.  Food truck ban could stop mobile foodie revolution in its tracks

California Congressman Bill Monning is introducing a bill that would prohibit food trucks from selling food with 1500 feet of an elementrary or secondary school between 6 am-6 pm in an effort to promote a healthier eating environment for kids.  Mobile vending incentivizes student to leave school grounds which also increases their exposure to off- campus hazards


3. Mobile dentistry clinic aims to put smiles on more children’s faces

Mobile unit makes stops at schools to provide dental care services for children in the community by making stops at schools. they provide dental cleaning, help prevent cavities, and do routine operations like fillings and extractions, parental permission required.

4. The milk truck mobile breastfeeding unit takes to the streets of pittsburgh

complete with a giant pbreast on top it is now on display at the andy warhol museum but was developed by the artist in hopes to start the conversation about a mother’s right to breast feed in public. Using a recycled ice cream truck the interior provides a comfortable and supportive place for women to breastfeed. @PghMilkTruck



privacy pop tent, completely collapsible and easy to transport, good for those sharing a room…


reclaimed wood chicken coops, for that growing population of chicken.. keepers? it has wheels. so you can move it around your yard to keep the chickens from destroying just one part of your yard


Christian Rigal MARKIT - pop up skate park.

-thanks herms #doobybrain


repurposed phone booths as communal book drops, by architect John Locke

DUB 002’, is part of his ‘department of urban betterment’ interventionist project.