Parker Seybold

Parker Seybold holds a BA in Public Policy from the University of Chicago where he studied Chicago's historic buildings policy. Prior to moving to New York, he worked in San Diego as an analyst at a biotech consulting firm where he modeled health outcomes and assessed emerging healthcare technologies. He is a Master of Architecture Candidate at Columbia University's GSAPP. He is fascinated by abandoned structures and the afterlives of those which have been repurposed. When not in studio, he is an avid photographer and bicyclist.
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the MTA’s video on the Essex Street Trolley Terminal / Delancey Underground


traffic jams visualized via: Cay Horstmann

read left to right, starting at the bottom. each dot represents a car arriving on a constant interval. when one slows down, the ripple effect is compounded.


projected flooding due to sea level rise
+0m to +20m




Lower Manhattan Expressway LoMEX
Paul Rudolph
1970 / 2012


Taxi! is an analytical model that maps the trip data for 10,000 taxi rides over the course of 24 hours. Geographic location data for the origin and destination of each ride is combined with waypoint data collected from the Google Maps API in order to generate a geographically accurate representation of the trip. Via Juan Francisco Saldarriaga


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24 hour traffic count visualization from williamsburg bridge - data from NY DOT

blue = westbound traffic 
red = eastbound traffic

max traffic = 1546 per hour @ 9pm eastbound
min traffic =  529 per hour @ 4am westbound


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24 hours of manhattan from the williamsburg bridge

january 27 2012